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Webtime stories are bedtime stories from the web!

Why Webtime Stories® are so much better than just bedtime stories:

You'll Build Relationships.

Kids grow up so fast! Video storytelling is convenient, simple, and meaningful technology that will connect your family instantly, and provide a library of recordings to Be There for a lifetime.



You'll Build Literacy.

Be There Bedtime Stories enables read aloud techniques that build literacy. Simply reading aloud daily to a child up to age 5, establishes their literacy strength for the rest of their life!*


You'll Bridge Generations.

Imagine being able to watch one of your ancestors read a bedtime story… The video bedtime stories you create today become multimedia keepsakes for both current and future generations to enjoy.

“Look – there’s a kid reading on the webcam, too… This is so interesting!”

-Not Easily Impressed Passerby at LATFOB


“This is the next best thing to Grandpa’s lap!”

Grandfather of Milo – Arizona


“My husband is currently deployed and we have three children. This is a great idea and I would love to utilize the books to connect.”

– Blue Star Military Family Member


“Making a video [on] takes next to no tech knowledge…. The idea seems simple yet it can really make a huge impact…”



“You guys are brilliant! What an amazing idea! You’ll be making aLOT of money from me!”

~ Future Video Storyteller from LATimes Festival of Books


“The best storytellers were mothers who used funny voices to illustrate different characters or made their own special sound effects to keep the story moving…”

~ Research Study from Disney/Pixar


Webtime Stories Honored Mom's Choice Award

Best of the Best in Family-Friendly Media

~ Mom’s Choice Awards


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‘Sully’s Topsy Tale’ – by Donna J. Shepherd, Illus. by Kevin Scott Collier

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